Experienced And Strategic Representation

Guiding You Through Divorce And Post-Divorce Modifications

The end of a marriage is a legal and financial matter. However, it is also a personal, emotional matter. If you are divorcing your spouse, the results of your case will likely impact your life in many ways.

At Ross Law P.C., we keep both the practical and personal elements of each case in mind. Divorce could change your finances, your relationship with your child and much more. We can help you get the best possible outcome for divorce or a modification request.

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We Concentrate On Finding Solutions In Divorce

Ross Law P.C., draws upon our deep experience in family law to address divorce matters, including:

  • The initial filing process
  • Child custody and child support issues
  • Spousal support
  • Property division, including the division of retirement accounts, real estate and complex assets
  • Mediation and negotiation of a divorce settlement
  • Litigation, when necessary to reach a fair divorce award

Throughout the divorce process, we are dedicated to reaching ideal results for you. We know that many of these issues are highly delicate. You can expect us to treat all your concerns seriously.

When possible, we can help you reach a settlement with your spouse with minimal interaction with the court. This option can allow you to keep the terms of your divorce private while, in many cases, minimizing costs, time and stress. However, we will always make your interests a priority. If your case calls for divorce trial, we will represent you with determination.

Modifying Orders After Divorce

As life changes, you may need to adjust certain parts of your final divorce decree. For example, if a spouse remarries, they might no longer need spousal support. Alternatively, parents may need to tweak their parenting plan to account for the needs of their child.

Whether you seek modification to a spousal support order, child custody order, child support order or parenting arrangement, our team can guide you. We can work with you to demonstrate the need to modify an order and submit your request to the court.

Speak With An Experienced Lawyer

Based in Littleton, Ross Law P.C., supports clients across Colorado. To discuss your divorce or modification case, call our lead attorney, Justin Ross, and our legal staff at 303-231-1020. You can also email us to schedule a consultation.