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Child Custody & Visitation: An Overview

In Colorado, “child custody” is known as “parental responsibilities.” These responsibilities include where the child lives and spends holidays, as well as how each parent will partake in making important decisions about their child such as the school they will attend, doctors and medical care, and possibly even the child’s religious ceremonies and commitments.

Ross Law P.C., understands that each family, and each child, is unique. We can help you find an agreement that works for everyone involved, or, if necessary, effectively present your case to the court.

What You Need To Know

As always, the best interest of the child is kept at the forefront of each case. As your attorney, Justin Ross will advocate for your child’s best interests, as well as your rights as a parent. Based on your situation, there are a variety of ways that we can make your new family situation work. For example, we can help craft an effective plan for joint (shared) parental responsibilities where both parents will share responsibility in making major life decisions for the child.  If you believe that sole parental responsibilities are best for your child, we can help you strategically evaluate your case and negotiate, or litigate, the issue as necessary.

Parenting time is also an important factor. For some families, it works best for children to split their time equally between houses. For others, one parent has primary residence and parenting time, while the other has less time with the child.  What is in your child’s best interests can be legally and factually complicated.  Our firm can help you analyze the Law and how it applies to the facts of your case to help you make the best strategic decisions for your children and your case as it relates to parenting time.

Regardless of your situation, we will build the strongest possible case for you and your child. We’re here to help. Visit our FAQ page to get answers to commonly asked questions.

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