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Protect your mental health during divorce from a narcissist

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Divorce |

Most people who go through a divorce might realize early on that they’re going to have to deal with a lot of stress. While it’s sometimes possible for a divorce to happen peacefully, being married to a narcissist is one of the times when you need to come to terms with having to fight battles throughout the process. 

The issue that narcissists have with working out a divorce peacefully is that they think they always need to have their way. They don’t understand the concept of negotiating, which takes away the possibility of settling the divorce matters without having to go through a contentious trial. 

Another problem that you’ll likely face when you divorce a narcissist is that they’re going to try to make you miserable. Seeing you unhappy or upset is a way that they gain a bigger sense of personal power. When you don’t allow them to see your reactions to the drama they try to cause, you don’t give them that power — but that can also cause them to escalate their behavior in hopes of provoking a response.

A narcissist lives in their own world, so getting the truth out of them is difficult to impossible. You should be prepared to deal with them lying about anything possible, especially if it makes you look bad and makes them look good. Because of the lies, you should keep documentation of everything that has to do with the divorce, child custody or any other matter pertaining to your ex. 

Your attorney can help you as you work through your divorce. Learning about the options you have might help you to develop a plan for the split. You should also ensure that you’re preparing for a court battle if your ex is narcissistic.