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Safe driving in the springtime: 5 tips you can use

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Winter is officially over, and the roads are finally clear of slush and snow — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can relax your guard when you’re on the road. Spring driving can also be treacherous if you aren’t careful.

Here are 5 tips you can use that will help you keep yourself and your family safe this spring:

  1. Make sure your tires are in good shape. Spring weather is highly changeable, so your tires need to be properly filled and have a decent tread. If they’re looking a little worn or don’t seem to hold air properly, it’s time to replace them.
  2. Watch out for potholes. Once you start seeing those orange traffic cones flowering on the highway, you know it’s time to be cautious and slow down. Hitting a pothole too hard can not only damage your car, it can also lead to a wreck if you’re thrown off course.
  3. Be aware of pedestrians. Almost as soon as spring hits, you’ll start seeing bicyclists and pedestrians all over the place. Because of their smaller size (relative to cars and trucks), they’re easy to overlook if you aren’t conscious of their presence. Be gracious, and share the road.
  4. Avoid standing water. That puddle you see at an intersection may actually be deeper than you think. Many drivers have been injured (and destroyed their engines) by dipping into standing water that they didn’t realize was deep enough to lift their vehicle right off the ground.
  5. Make sure your wipers work. Visibility is always key to making certain that you won’t accidentally hit another vehicle. If your wipers are getting too soft to do the job, replace them.

Despite your best precautions, you can’t always avoid a car wreck — especially when other drivers aren’t as careful. If you’ve been injured, find out more about your right to claim compensation for your injuries and losses.